iPod integration


When it comes to integration of additional devices like mobile phone, PDA, MP-3 player, after a while your car will look like an airplane cockpit with all these additional devices integrated with all kinds of brackets attached to your cockpit to keep them in reach.

The 10 CD changer (standard on limited models) is a nice feature, but if are used to have MP3 in your car, 10 CD will soon get you bored. When looking for a new solution I saw a friend of mine having an iPod integrated into his standard VW car stereo. In fact he was controlling the iPod with the factory VW car stereo, using the so called "ice link" solution by Dension.

At Dension you will get ice-link sets for all kind of factory car stereo, also for your WJ! Great idea, works perfect (with steering wheel controls you change playlists on iPod, skip songs etc.), but where to put the iPod? At least it should be in reach, but if you are like me, you may not want to destroy the look of your cockpit by another bracket (I already have a bracket installed for navigation).

After playing with the ashtray for a while (I'm a none smoker) I figured out that the iPod may fit inside, if you fully open it (there is a little piece of plastic to ensure that the ashtray will only open until a degree of 30 grad, but while opening you can push the ashtray to the right by-passing the plastic to fully open it)

I went to my local Jeep dealer explaining my plans, and he did a real good job!


First photo: ashtray closed:




next photo: ashtray opened, iPod visible!



this solution provides several benefits:

  1. iPod will be not visible when the ashtray is closed - looking like normal factory car steroe

  2. if you prefer manual control of the iPod (instead of using your car stereo controls) you can easily reach your iPod. If you prefer to use car stereo control you can even leave the ashtray closed!

  3. no additional brackets installed!

Remark: if you use ice-link in your car, you cannot use a CD changer anymore! Anyway, I removed the CD changer from the trunc giving me extra space inside of the changer compartment!